All the combat levels

I’m sorry but I use the EXACT same code for EVERY level where you fend off ogres and all the brawls (maybe I add in a enemy.type for sand yaks or peasants) but other than that I can easily copy pasty same code. Can you please make each level special in it’s own way? i.e. reindeer one all I need is attack nearest enemy and I win no prob. Maybe make the reindeers run around wildly?

Good idea; I’d like to make the combat levels more specialized early on. How far have you gotten? Later on, you have to get pretty advanced with your strategy per level, but earlier on there isn’t that much strategic depth to fighting, so if your gear is good, you can just do the same thing over and over instead of customizing your code. Looking for good ideas for how to deepen the tactics without making the fights much harder or introducing a lot of programming concepts you don’t know how to use yet in the early game.

The wizards really do have to customize strategy a lot more, if you’re into that sort of thing.

So I just passed Library Tactician which is a BIG problem. I had the right code but it took 67 submits to win … So like I said for the protect the reindeers, make one or 2 reindeers but they run around forcing you to follow them or do something creative. (oh wow in the reindeers I’m second best in all time!)
Another thing is maybe add poison that spawns during the brawls to prevent simple self.move(item.pos)? And anything like that.