New level for Adventurers!

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even my fast comp is starting to be slow because of this level sir just how many thangs did you add to this level?

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It loaded fast enough on my computer.

Mine said, Error loading server

I do not know why it would say that, because it works fine on my computer. I deleted a few unnecessary thangs.

Have you published it?

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same @milton.jinich , its broken for me to

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I’m kinda new here, so I would appreciate help, such as how to publish it.

Click the fourth button on the top-right of the editor, and click a button that shows “Publish” or anything like that. Then accept CLA or anything that shows up and you’re done!


Thanks so much!!! Now it is published.


Yay! Now we can play your game!


Killed the ogres, picked the hidden coin, escaped from prison, not a single casualty but still not a victory window. I can command my army to the exit, but i don’t think this is needed.


I’ll check that out.

I do have a victory screen. The goal is for you to exit off the left side.

last code lines:

hero.moveXY(14, 56);
hero.moveXY(9, 40);
hero.moveXY(-10, 58);

Do you have passed the level with a free hero? Are you a subscriber?
I like the level :+1:

No I am not a subscriber. I do not know why it isn’t working.

I fixed it. It works now!

Maybe make the goal of trying to kill all the ogres. I just got the ring and didn’t bother with the chieftain and the headhunters.

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Yes, it works now, thanks for the level :slight_smile:

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Yeah, you’re not suppose to mess with them.