New level made by me and abc (FeedBack)

Here is anew level me and @abc have been working on if you enjoy it like this post if you have suggestions for change on it please tell us so we can make changes.

Hope you enjoy :>

Created by: ( @Archipelago-Gold play profile same as forum profile ) and ( @abc play profile @coder122018 )

@Archipelago-Gold, I can’t see where my hero goes and I just end up running out of time.

same here this level could use more editing

The level seems to be very incomplete. You should do the stuff on the tasks menu.

  • Missing level start code. Confusing.
  • Confusing goal. I’m not sure what concept I’m meant to use.
  • There’s just placed units and not much happening afterward.
  • What are the gems for? Am I meant to collect them? You should add a goal.
  • Add hints.
  • Camera is set wrong.
  • Units shouldn’t be attacking from that far away. Set their sight distance to be lower.

Thanks i did not realize these things they did not occur for me…

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@Chaboi_3000 do you mind fixing the camera for me it does not occur for me and i can find no error in my codes.

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the code might be right but not the graphics

It’s not an error, it’s just terribly set up because it does not follow the player. Have you tried playing around with the Scripts area of the level editor?

Yes for me it follows and i can not find a way to make camera follow

No i am a game dev and i don’t have Premium but i have made several games for other sites but this is different

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this is it can you see what i have wrong?

you don’t need to be a sub to play game dev 2

It is locked and the one that says play says i need to subscribe.

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yes you do need to be a sub
(I am pretty sure)


if you use a link to game dev or web dev if you’re non sub you can still play.

but this is getting off topic.

I don’t need to though all i need is to figure out what is wrong with the camera not following.

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The last link gave me the error “Error from loading server try to refresh page.”

I have created a level with the help of @Archipelago-Gold, here it is.

It is not fully done yet, so feedback is appreciated.