New level | fort john

a local outpost/town has been besieged for months they are tired and hungry can you help break the siege?
linky link link:

There are literally no goals.

changed 20 chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaars

Eric is right, and if you can zoom out the camera view a bit, that would be better. @cheddarcheese

Could you put in a referee and make it well not just a thing with humans and ogres?

Nah I’m good it seems good enough to me

What is “goal 2”? I can’t complete it.

sorry it was supposed to be a “save the peasants” goal but it’s not functioning properly if you can fix it using a patch I will accept it

I’m not really good at C++/HMTL/whatever it is, so I have litteraly no idea what is going on there.

Hello, What is “Goal 2”, I can’t seem to accomplish it, overall, it was fun.