New level I cooked up. - The Golden Duo

After a lot of painstaking referee coding (mainly debugging) and less painstaking level design, I can finally say that I’ve released the first public version of my newest level!
Anyway, the next step is to get some feedback (mainly to see if there are any bugs lol), so tell me what you think of the level design or something idk.

Anyway here’s the general idea: Basically at the begininng of the level, there 40 peasants. These peasants all have a number as part of their name, and these numbers are given out randomly to each peasant. To win you need to find the closest ratio of two peasant numbers to the golden ratio and say their names (hence the name “golden duo”).

P.S. To anyone who doesn’t code in javascript or python, tough luck, because there’s no sample code for those languages! Sorry, but Idk how to code in those languages so I cannot give sample code for them. However, if you submit a patch that implements sample code that would help so much!

Sorry for the large post, there were just a lot of details I wanted to put out there.

Here are some things I might implement later if you are curious
  • An intro page in the hints section that will introduce the level
  • Another page in the hints section which just says some information (helpful or not) about the golden ratio.
  • A better way to randomize peasant’s names, because right now the answer to the level is very consistent between several numbers.
  • If you find a way to cheese the level either submit a patch fixing it or just pm me about it. Also, when you submit a patch can you PLEASE clarify what you fixed, because I don’t want to risk broken code accidentally getting added. That would be a nightmare to fix.

Tysm for reading!


Nice job! I really liked the comments from the paladin and soldiers when I failed.