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Nitro type chat

Screenshot 2021-06-07 8.15.55 PM


Thank you! That was what I thought too! But he sped really far so I wasn’t sure.

Hackers are every where and they just CHEAT.

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We don’t like hackers :angry:.

Yes. Hackers are very bad. Dont hack kids


Don’t hack kids? Or, don’t hack, kids?


Honestly idk but we dont want to get off topic

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Lol Hello Guys:)

Are you guys done the season yet? Cause I finished it yesterday xD

The request has been sent. @enPointe77

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Usually I would have been done by now. But I am taking a break from grinding.

Oh I see. This season was really nice, especially the 2 mill tier at the end… xD

It’s pretty much the exact same thing as last season except with different cars, less stickers, and more trails.

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Yes, pretty much the same. @abc

I like this season a bit better because you get trails and I don’t really care about the amount for stickers.

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I have 7,486,347 cash right now.Also abc, what took you so long to respond back on Nitro Type Chat?

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Not to be rude, or anything.

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Probably bc it’s taking awhile to write out his messages with his hurt wrist. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nah, it’s that I’m busy.

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Lol:) xD

I am pretty busy just getting my team up the leaderboards:)

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I need to race more.

Me too. I’ve been very inconsistent lately.