No level showing past Desert Oasis

I just got done with Oasis on desert, but no levels are past that.
I am not sure if there are any levels past that or my account is glitches.
Please reply as fast say you can

Same with me. All levels clear, and after oasis no more level appeared

That is all at the moment, new levels are being added every week.

Yup, we add five new levels per week. We just sat down yesterday and designed eleven new levels that will appear after Oasis, so that we can get further into the desert. Going to build a bunch of them this weekend.

Ahh, that answers that then! Thanks for all the hard work, folks. This is a great game.

One of my unsubscribed friends got access to Sarven Road. I’m not subscribed, but I can’t access Sarven Road.

You have to join adventure team

If you can’t play Sarven Road, please beat Oasis again and make sure that you get the achievement; it should then show up. Sarven Road is in the adventurer playtesting phase, but it’s not a subscriber-only level, so everyone should be able to try it now.