Unlock desert world?

Could you guys make it so we can unlock the desert world? I mean if your still making siege of stronghold (or something like that) could you at least make it so we can go to desert world first.I posted this cause I’m kinda in need of gems (to get first place in duel)?

Levels are being released as they are written. It sounds like you have completed all currently accessible levels (and thus all currently created levels). You will have to either wait patiently for more levels to be released, or purchase gems with real cash. :frowning: I know, I can’t wait to get into the desert as well!

high 5 for desert buds xD I just wish they would let us go to desert ;-;

First three desert levels coming tomorrow for early playtesting by adventurers, assuming you can beat Stonehold (which is also coming tomorrow, along with an easier introduction to if-statements earlier in the forest).

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OMG YES new levels ftw <3

woot woot. i’m excited :slight_smile:

Now that it’s out I’m having trouble with it :confused:

What kind of trouble are you having?

I dun know how to beat it xD I might figure it out later also I don’t know is this is a glitch but I can’t attack :confused:

For Siege of Stonehold, or another level? Let me know what kind of errors or behavior you’re seeing where attack isn’t working–this is a new level, so it needs Adventurers to help playtest it.

Only siege of stronghold

man siege of stronghold is so hard… even with my nice armor and best weapon. there are just too many enemies to take on, and your soldiers cant take a ton of damage.

Where / how are you guys playing this stronghold level? i’m not seeing it anywhere on my map…

you have to beat the other levels first… also just note to developers, it may be impossible at the moment unless you donate to get the best stuff possible

I’ve completed every level on my forest and dungeon maps… and im a subscriber. But i just dont see this stronghold level anywhere

just replay the last level you have to get the the impossible level

are u a adventurer because u have be 1

It’s here in the upper right:

If you don’t see it, beat the last level you’ve seen in the list that doesn’t have a level after it. Let me know if you see other issues.

Also the level is VERY VERY VERY laggy I can’t see anything happen everything starts teleporting

Thanks. beating the forager level unlocked it for me. Beat that sucker :slight_smile: