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No Link To Campain


It seems that new users do not know how to start play the game. There is no link to the campaign on the main page.

Please help me!
I can't enter the game,unless i enter a course code from my teacher

Not seeing this?


That weird. I can’t see it in my main account.


Maybe it is related to this issue?


Possible that’s it. Thanks. The two users in russian social network asked about the class code. They did not now know how to continue playing.


Tangential note: The home web page is not very conducive to playing the game. The buttons are not expressively obvious, and do not in any way give the suggestion that a great game is hidden behind. I’m sure it works well for teachers and classes, but it just does not give promote the game well.
Just my 0.02 cents.


@CryogenicMiner I agree the old homepage had a far better call to action, but I’m unsure how it would fit in the new layout. Maybe @nick can check the conversion rates to see if this is becoming a real problem.

On the main topic here, I still believe not showing the “Play campaign” action in the homepage when the player is in a course may hold back people from using the courses feature—in fact, another user has already stated this case in the linked issue—and I also believe taking away the campaign mode after an user has started playing it is extremely counter-intuitive.


did you get it!:sparkles:


+1 When I returned to CoCo and saw the new design, I spent several minutes in attempts to find how to start :slight_smile:


Exactly! nice quick work guys.