No more Coffee 'script' for those late nights working? - Dungeons of Kithgard not working

Is CoffeeScript working?

After creating a new avatar account for Coffeescript I get this error on the first level Dungeons of Kithgard.

TypeError: is not a function


no idea on this but I cannot progress forward to ensuring that coffee script works for each level (like I am doing for LUA) until this is working :frowning: I was thinking that adding the documentation for coffee script would be just a little effort more as I was already in the levels. Less patches to accept as well…

System Stats
    Mavericks OS
    FireFox browser

Just found this error on the forums:

It would seem for the time being coffeescript is not working.

Out of curiosity I started the first level Dungeons of Kithgard in CoffeeScript and it passed. Is it working and how many coffeescript combatants are there?