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Stuck on Coffeescript


My screen says:

While in the game, it says

with coffeescript.



Each level has its own language settings: you can have a level solved in python and another one solved in javscript.

I believe the first screen is the Hero button bottom-right of the map. It only changes your preferred language( used for the future levels you attempt), but not the languages used for the levels you have already attempted.

You can use change hero button, bottom-left in the equipment screen or (if the level is loaded as in the 2nd screenshot) the top-center “Game Menu” > change hero


did you reload the code? :slightly_smiling:


Yes, I did. It is still in Coffeescript.


i saw this happen to someone too i think its a glitch


ask nick
just do
@ and then nick


I fixed it. I pressed the help button, went on guide, and changed my language. Thanks guys!