Numbers don't matter(help)

sometimes when i go hero move up it will do like 2 then if I put 6 it will stop at 2.
I need help.

what level are you haveing this error in

And you should post your code

I am having it in dungeon raider kithgard dungeon.

ok so i think i found the problem just by looking at the level again . so say that you moved up three and it changed the segment so you change it to move up 5 it won’t work because for a reason i do not under stand when the segment of the level changes it stops the last stament exicuted do it will only move up three times so i think to fix your prblem change all statmests the move to another segment of the level so if you move up 5 but after three the segment changes chage it to move up three and then move up two

can u just send a photo i don’t understand.

I finished that level.

i’m not sure why that happens

just say it if you need the answer

So what he means is
You move 5 steps
But after 3 steps, the segment changes, and you stop moving
Then you have to move 2 steps separately

So I think TheCodingCrusader means you should try something like this:


instead of

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Thanks Marmite I am not good at making understandable paragraphs

I need the answer please

NO it ended

there is no answer for the level because there are differant seeds so there is no way to give an answer also asking for answers is not good beacause the point of code combat is to learn not to copy and past answers


Even they want, you cant give them, do not post solutions
And it has different seeds

chaboi says dont give people solutions
go and read

Everyone should agree with this, we come here to learn, not copying answers
Thats why codecombat give you answers when you finish the level