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Nyan cat and TAC NAYN

By the way my brother is correct @avery_witte it is awesome.

uhh, am I allowed to send links to other topics in a topic (advertising)?

No advertising is strictly against the rules… sowwy

this topic, should show you that :3
Thank you

Advertising counts as spam

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how do you play the game?

just press on the link. also, don’t wake up a dead topic…

chaboi said you can reawaken dead topics as long as it is relevent to the topic

There has been a awakening…

if i click on the link i only see the code

reawakening man i have not seen this one in forever


after i use attacker() i cant do anything

wait why was it revived idk who did it but ok

Technically no one revived the topic anyone can post as long as it is about the topic as @cheddarcheese said.

oh ok thx for clarifying

No problem @avery_witte.