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Nyan cat and TAC NAYN

Who knows about nyan cat? do you like it? Do you like Nyan cat or TAC NAYN more?


nyan cat Tac Nayn

Nyan cat (ny-an-ca-t) and TAC NAYN (tac-9)


I like tac-nayn more. does anyone like him?

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I do… like… tac nayn

really? Oh, who likes nyan cat?

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me its a good thing to anoy your friend with when hes anoying

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Haha, yes. The nyan cat is really annoying.

because it gets stuck in your head

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IKR! But I like the song. Have you tried reversing it with TAC NAYN song?

is the link to scratch project that is about nyan cat. please read instructions.

  • nyan cat

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who voted? why is there 3 votes?

I thought it is only me and cheddarcheese is online?

post deleted as no use

no idea how it happened

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me: trying to run out of likes. discourse.codecombat: NOPE! Me: aw man, I want that badge!

umm, @cheddarcheese who voted? can you say the names?

i have no idea. ok??


how? you should be able to see the people. can you screenshot the vote info?


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