Official Clan List

Join the Brawlers League to test your might and AI skills!

Open to any serious CodeCombat player who wants to develop a better AI for multiplayer combat and for use in the games repeating levels.

An advanced AI will make use of techniques like the following:
◦ Functions   ◦ Objects   ◦ Global Variables   ◦ Path Finding   ◦ Class Based AI
◦ Location and Object Awareness   ◦ Counter Tactic Tables   ◦ Vectors   ◦ Math  
◦ Conditional Tactics   ◦ Projectile Avoidance


In other words an AI like the following will just not cut it:

while (true) {
    var enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy();
    if (enemy) {

Build something truly amazing and discuss techniques to improve your AI.

If you submit a weak AI like the one above you might be dropped from the clan, but do not avail! Create a better AI and join again! We want to keep the ladders open for the best of what you can build. So join the Brawlers League and get started today!


Multiplayer Guide for those who need help


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