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Official Clan List


Nah, gotta subscribe for private clans.


Can you make whenever someone joins your clan an e-mail is sent to you with the option to kick them out?
That sounds ez and is smart. This way you don’t have to check your clan constantly for strangers.


How do you post to the list?


How do you send links and how do they join when they get the link?



I have made a clan called CABBAGE EATERS
It is only fitting with my username of THE CABBAGE EATER

Please would many people join this clan.


i joined the cabbage eating guys :grin:


I will join the clan soon.


##Become an Aventurer of the Royal Expeditionary Forces of the Kingdom of Backwoods Forest and Her Territories

Join us! The Kingdom is in need of more adventurers. Bring your courage and your puzzle-solving skills as you will need them for exploring the surrounding provinces; the Sarven Desert, Cloudrip Mountain and Kelvintaph Glacier.

Grand adventures await. Earn gems and experience as you travel to the ends of the world, meeting friend and foe alike. No matter the challenge, you will always have our support.

For the Kingdom!

#53 Guys, join this clan and I can help you with levels that you are stuck on. Click on the link above to join my clan.


Hola a todos! Soy Matias de Argentina. He comenzado el juego y lo veo muy divertido. Lamentablemente no he podido jugar mucho porque estoy cursando dos carreras terciarias ademas de aprender C++ por mi cuenta.

He creado un clan para latinos, así podemos jugar juntos y compartir experiencias. El link para unirse es el siguiente:

Saludos y a seguir codeando! :smiley:


My clan list wont load, For example, If I click clan X, It will just freeze, then my computer will just crash.:sob: Please get this fixed!:relaxed:


Yay I joined!:grinning::joy::yum:


What are clans for can anyone help me?


Clans are groups that you can create, either private or public. I guess its just cool to have your own group of people. I am not sure if theres an actual use to it.


hi guys can u help me with this coding level


Join my clan here for high schoolers


Also what is the purpose of Clans?


I have a new clan:
Please Join!!:grin:


Join the Brawlers League to test your might and AI skills!

Open to any serious CodeCombat player who wants to develop a better AI for multiplayer combat and for use in the games repeating levels.

An advanced AI will make use of techniques like the following:
◦ Functions   ◦ Objects   ◦ Global Variables   ◦ Path Finding   ◦ Class Based AI
◦ Location and Object Awareness   ◦ Counter Tactic Tables   ◦ Vectors   ◦ Math  
◦ Conditional Tactics   ◦ Projectile Avoidance


In other words an AI like the following will just not cut it:

while (true) {
    var enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy();
    if (enemy) {

Build something truly amazing and discuss techniques to improve your AI.

If you submit a weak AI like the one above you might be dropped from the clan, but do not avail! Create a better AI and join again! We want to keep the ladders open for the best of what you can build. So join the Brawlers League and get started today!


Multiplayer Guide for those who need help


.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-= Brawling Theme Music to get you Motivated! =-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-


Hey everyone, is there any chance that there might be a clan I could join? Or does it not work that way?