Only lifetime subscription available?

I really like the website and want to subscribe, but I only see a lifetime subscription. Is this correct or am I missing other options?

When you go down to subscriptions while in the world select or level select at the bottom right you will see 7 Icons to choose from. Go to the first Icon. It would show you the other option called subscribe for monthly fee then you are subscribed for a monthly fee

Thanks for replying. That is where I’m going to try to subscribe (the first icon on the world select). It is only showing an option for a lifetime subscription. I tried going there logged out from an incognito tab and it showed the monthly option as well as the lifetime subscription, as soon as I log into my account and try to subscribe, however, it only shows the lifetime subscription (no other options). I’m quickly losing interest in subscribing at this point.

Strang. Last time I did it I saw it but now I don,t