Hi, i cant buy myself a subscription

Hi everybody, i am from Switzerland, english is not my native language therfore i am sorry if i am not clear enough. I would like to buy the lifetime subscription, but i am not able to buy it myself. A friend would buy it for me. Is there a way he could get in contact with somebody who is a supporter?

Wish u all a nice day.


Maka is the representative and board liaison here. He can provide direction and assistance.

@MunkeyShynes hi, thanks. How can i contact him?

I already sent an alert to him in the above post. He’ll respond on this thread soon.

nothing happend. Cant nobody help me with this issue?

what happens when you try to purchase a subscription?

It might take a while since the CodeCombat moderators and staff are pretty busy, but help always comes at some point.

As @MunkeyShynes mentioned, what happens when you try to subscribe? Does the website crash or does it create an error message (etc.)?

Well, you could either use a VPN to make yourself appear to be located in another country or give your friend your login information so he can log in and subscribe.


thank you for your help MunkesShynes

Hi there,
If someone wishes to purchase premium access for someone else, you can contact team@codecombat.com and ask for assistance there and we’ll invoice a user directly.

Alternately, if you use PayPal, you can send a payment to maka@codecombat.com and make sure to include the username or email address of the person who should get the premium access.

At this time, we can only accept PayPal payments for 3 month, 6 month, yearly, or Lifetime memberships.

For a 3 month membership, please send $29.97 (this comes with 3500 gems per month).
For a 6 month membership, please send $59.94 (this comes with 3500 gems per month).
For a Lifetime membership, please send $99 to (this comes with 42000 gems).

Make sure to include the CodeCombat username or the email address used on CodeCombat.com in your PayPal note so we can apply the credit to the right account.


Hi, @maka
i just used Paypal payment to maka@codecombat.com.
let me know if you need more information.

What email did you use to make the payment in PayPal and what is your username or email address in CodeCombat?

it was send to maka@codecombat (can only use 2 links)

let me know if you found it or you need more info.
Thanks for the help.

Hi @Doegie
I’ve just taken care of this and granted you the lifetime membership. I hid your personal information so it’s no longer available here.
Have fun!


(Also, sorry about the delay)