Hi, i cant buy myself a subscription


Hi everybody, i am from Switzerland, english is not my native language therfore i am sorry if i am not clear enough. I would like to buy the lifetime subscription, but i am not able to buy it myself. A friend would buy it for me. Is there a way he could get in contact with somebody who is a supporter?

Wish u all a nice day.



Maka is the representative and board liaison here. He can provide direction and assistance.


@MunkeyShynes hi, thanks. How can i contact him?


I already sent an alert to him in the above post. He’ll respond on this thread soon.


nothing happend. Cant nobody help me with this issue?


what happens when you try to purchase a subscription?


It might take a while since the CodeCombat moderators and staff are pretty busy, but help always comes at some point.

As @MunkeyShynes mentioned, what happens when you try to subscribe? Does the website crash or does it create an error message (etc.)?


Well, you could either use a VPN to make yourself appear to be located in another country or give your friend your login information so he can log in and subscribe.


thank you for your help MunkesShynes