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Ozaria Feedback

Hello everyone,
We hope you are enjoying the new ozaria course that CoCo had developed over the course of the year. Since this course is still new, please report any bugs, problems, or feedback on Ozaria. Feel free also add new ideas for this course as we are developing more courses over time.

I have tried it out, IDK if it’s my computer or what, because it takes about 1 1/2 minutes to load.

Ah, let’s try to get that faster! Can you answer a few questions?

  1. Which part took so long to load?
  2. Does CodeCombat load quickly for you?
  3. Where are you located?
  4. What kind of computer and internet connection do you have?


1:The level loading
2:CoCo takes about 5 seconds to load
3:I won’t tell you where I’m located, only I’m near Connecticut.
4:I have a windows 10 and an internet router right next to me.

I couldent find out how to play it

actually i found out sorry

Hmm. I’ve checked on my students and they all seem to be playing it fine. FYI they used Chrome and Mac Book Air/Pro.

is that all there is

They just added Chapter 1 a couple days ago but you may have to pay to play it.

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I have not been able to access Hide and Hide on Chapter 1,
Any device I try to access it on I get this error:

None of the buttons I press help it.

[EDIT] I am now able to access it

I just found out about Ozaria and it looks super interesting, but unfortunately I am neither a student nor a teacher, is there any chance it will become available for individuals in the future?

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@SapphoMuse Ozaria is only designed for classrooms. The normal coco campaign is much more oriented towards individual learning than Ozaria.