Ozaria Info Please

Can you tell me more about Ozaria by any chance and fast please because my son is asking me like crazy??

@ZAX155 – What would you like to know?

Do i have to do the course so i know what the answers are or what should i do?
-Zax :school_satchel:

You have a teacher account, correct? You can use the Unit Guides to help guide your son.

My son is now on the last word of codecombat. (I have finished it).
Since we are still in the lockdown for another month or two I have been considering Ozaria (with myself as the teacher). Is it possible to skip the super easy content in it? What pricing do you have for parent-kid teacher/student pair?

@AlyTomji – For someone teaching their own children, we generally recommend the home game over the classroom. You wouldn’t get the student tracking features, but with the home game, your child will get more total levels. If you purchase access to premium material, they will also get additional heroes, hero types (rangers and wizards), premium-only items, as well as access to premium content like the Web and Game Development classes.

For Ozaria, we would not recommend skipping any part due to the fact there is a storyline and of course a build-up of difficulty over time.

If you really want to go the student/teacher path you can message support@codecombat.com or support@ozaria.com for more information.

When you say “home game” is that still Ozaria? Or do you mean Codecombat? We’re already subscribed to Codecombat and we’re on the last world.

@AlyTomji – Good question! That is in reference to CodeCombat campaign mode.

what is the guide for all of the solutions for codecombat @stephanie

We have many helpful teacher’s resources on the Resource Hub and within the Course Guides.

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Where is that located at

You will find those on your teacher dashboard nav once you are logged in.

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There’s a lot of cool resources to check out. (Highlighted in red)

Here’s a link to the FAQ:

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