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Became Teacher on Ozaria and lost Student ability on CodeCombat

My name is Ron, and my son Stephen (username “ninjagoo”) has been using CodeCombat for a while, and he has made lots of progress. He recently heard about Ozaria and while trying to create an account there, he had to enroll as a teacher, and he ended up using the same account name. As a result, it seemed to change his CodeCombat account. Now, both sites (CodeCombat and Ozaria) see him as a teacher, so he can no longer get to the levels on CodeCombat. He wants to continue programming, but he cannot. We also do not want to lose all of his progress up to this point on CodeCombat. How do we solve this problem?

Hi Ron. I think @stephanie (a codecombat staff member) can change back your son’s account to a student one.
I hope this helps,

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@ninjagoo has this been taken care for you? I am not finding an account for ninjagoo.

yes it has (20 characters)

I would need your username or email for the account in question to locate the account.

@stephanie, I think this was taken care of.