Peek-a-boom bug

So I am playing the peek-a-boom level as a wizard that has way too good eye site so the code looks like this.

while True:
    enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
    if enemy:
        # Build a "fire-trap" at the Red X (41, 24)
        hero.buildXY("fire-trap", 41, 24)
        hero.moveXY(19, 19)
        #these are to move the hero back because for some reason the hero slides off the wooden x
        hero.moveXY(19, 19)
        hero.moveXY(19, 19)
        #the wait is to stop it from going back to the red x over and over again.
    # Add an else below to move back to the clearing
        # Move to the Wooden X (19, 19)
        hero.moveXY(19, 19)

The weird thing that even though the trap is there and the hero moves back (maybe too quickly but I am not sure) the munchkin turns around and attacks an on coming villager or goes though the crack.

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the munchkin turns around.

Could you please explain more about what is happening with your code and post a few more screenshots?

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hi your code is false

my code is true:
[Please don’t post solutions]

It Worked THanks SO much Ur code not False do you know how long it took me to find a non false code agin thank u sooooo much!!! By:???