Pet attacks on raise dead?

When I case raise dead, my pet starts attacking me if it’s within range. Am I doing something wrong? I didn’t think my pet could attack (using Nevermore)?

Hi @jmclark and welcome to the forum! :partying_face:

What is the pet that you are using?

Nevermore, the raven one that you initially get when subscribing.

Well, try to buy a pet with gems, those do not attack anybody.

same here. my pugicorn charmed a paladin and it started to attack me

Seems more like a problem with pets and minion-ified enemes, rather than being a raise-dead issue?

i hate when pugicorn charm warlocks, now everyone is attacking me

When you charm a warlock, do the skeletons and the ones that the warlock revive are on your team?

yes it do, but for me it’s like there’s a pet team and griffin riders and paladins r attcking me

my wolf is attacking me