Pets( fully disabled for non subscribers? ) and the second thread of code( is there a way to use it? )

I returned recently to just find out what all pets are disabled if you have no subscription.
I don’t play actively but I like to return from time to time
So I don’t feel like pay another 99$ to just enjoy CC occasionally ( my cumulative amount of subscription payments is more than 100$, LOL Who knew that it will end up like this )

Is there any way to run the second thread of code besides pets?
Somehow I can’t live without it anymore ))

$99 is life time subscription’
once they offered 1 month subscription for $0.99 XD
too bad u didn’t catch that chance :frowning:

i can use pets even without subscription
I don’t know what you are talking about @htrnblr

I don’t have pets in my inventory anymore. ( I had all available )
I still have some equipped pets for few levels.
But once I unequip them and press play it is end of story, after I return to the map I have no equipped pets and I have no pets in the inventory as already mentioned.

um i can equip and unequip pets, no problem!

It’s interesting.
Maybe I miss something and there is new way of managing pets.
Do you have pets in your hero inventory under weapon\armor section?
And you equip and unequip them as usual by double click on them in the inventory?
I will be grateful if you take screenshot.

Screenshot before equipping it

Screenshot after equipping it

Pets are in the Misc section.

Thank you.

For some reason
Even if I own all available pets.
I have no this section in my inventory

That is weird. Even tho you had all pet in the invintory you cn’t ecuip it.

I guess because the pets are for only subs and so they are moved from locked to subs only.