Please help for making ladders

Hi, I am sorry if this is apam, and sorry the bother y’all, but i cant make my code royale game a ladder game. There is no play button. There is just a green button that leads to nowhere, and you can see the ladder or anything. Can someone like @Chaboi_3000 or @Bryukh help?
Link to ladder here.

Link to editor here
Thank you for your time.

Sorry, but I doubt that we can do this. We are working on the arenas brand right now so all new pvp levels have some threshold of quality and theme. You can ask Nick, maybe there are another option to add non published arenas.


Thank you for your response. However, I did make a working multiplayer game.
And you can spectate pvp.
Are you sure there is no way?
Also, my friend RangerGrant9307 forked zero sum, and renamed it test 9307. Ladder still works for his copy. Are you sure there is no way? Thank you for your time.

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@Nick, can you please help with a cherry on top

Are you sure the level type is set correctly to ladder? Otherwise ladders won’t load. I’ve already created my own ladder level without issue.


REALLY? GREAT! THATS SO COOL @Chaboi_3000! SO THERE IS A WAY! Yes, I set it to ladder. There is just a green button and spectate button. Only way to pvp is to watch spectate.
Can you please help me please?
Here is the link to the level editor.
Can I please have link for your ladder level? You deserve 20000 likes!

You need to submit code for both sides using two accounts.

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I know. I made some AI accounts. I named them Code Royale Silver AI, Code Royale Gold AI, etc

Sorry to be a bother @Chaboi_3000, but there is still no play button. Just a green button that leads nowhere. Can you help please?

There is no play button.

How did you make a play button in the ladder though @Chaboi_3000 ?

Can you please submit a patch for mine to make a play button please?
Here is the editor.

And @Chaboi_3000, I did submit code for multiple accons and other ppl r also playing.