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Please help with Freeze tag

Haven’t a clue…I didn’t even see it as a problem until now, as I just figured it was intentional, so went with the flow.

However, we’re getting a bit off topic…I’ll pursue this later. Let’s see if we can get Zambi’s issue figured out.

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could you please send me the link to the level please so i can try to help out @dedreous @Zambi25
@Deadpool198 @ducky

@Zambi25 @dedreous @ducky @Deadpool198

game.setActionFor ["archer", "spawn", "onSpawn"]

could someone please explain this please

heres what i got with python

# Let's make a game of Freeze Tag!
# game.tagged is used to count tagged archers.
game.tagged = 0;
ui.track(game, "tagged");
goal = game.addManualGoal("Tag all archers.");
# Spawn the archers.
game.spawnXY("archer", 12, 52);
game.spawnXY("archer", 12, 16);
game.spawnXY("archer", 24, 52);
game.spawnXY("archer", 24, 16);
player = game.spawnPlayerXY('captain', 68, 24);
player.maxSpeed = 40;
#Make the player bigger so it's easier to tag archers.
player.scale = 2;
# Set up the archers' speed and behavior properties onSpawn
#function (onSpawn(event)[
 #   unit.behavior("Scampers")

#game.setActionFor ["archer", "spawn", "onSpawn"]
# The event handler for "collide" events.
    # The event owner who has collided with something.
    # The object the unit collided with.
    #other = event.other;
    # Use behavior as a marker for the current frozen state.
    # "Scampers" means the archer wasn't yet tagged.
  #  if (unit.behavior == "Scampers") 
        # If "other" is the player.
    #    if (event.other == "player")
            # Set unit.behavior to "Defends":
        #    unit.behavior = "Defends";
            # Increase game.tagged by 1:
       #     game.tagged  =+1;
#    if (unit.behavior == "Defends") {
 #       // If other's type is "archer":
   #     if (other.type == "archer") {
    #        // Set unit.behavior to "Scampers":
     #       unit.behavior = "Scampers";
    #    // increase game.tagged by 1.
     #   game.tagged  =-1;

#game.setActionFor("archer", "collide", onCollide);
#while (true) {
    # if (game.tagged >= 4) {
     #   game.setGoalState(goal, true);

hey Zax155 I dont know python but what i see it doesnt work :frowning:

It’s the same for me, I can’t change language either… I think @xython had a way of changing language using the URL is that right?

hey, is there anyone who could help me to pass this level? :slight_smile:

i cant change the language either

I can change languages now…thanks xython!

@Zambi25, to pass the level, I restarted it, starting over from scratch. I then compared my JS code with your code that you posted yesterday. Assuming you’ve made no other changes, change line 32 to:

        if (other == player) {

instead of:

        if (event.other == "player") {

That should get you past this level.

@dedreous that should work because that worked for me too

freeze tag was pretty hard so if you have any problems you can tag @ZAX155 and @dedreous or @ducky @CodingGeek14

same for me too @CodingGeek14

Who gave you any of our permission to say that?

duh dont you want to help others because that is the right thing to do

so i could help out by asking people to do that doesn’t that make sense and what is sha

lets talk about it in a DM

success :slight_smile: thx for @dedreous I passed this level, It was pretty hard, thx everybody for helping on this post

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