Please help with Summit's Gate!


That should be fire-ball or shell.

Do you have glasses that can find projectiles? Simply print out the types of all found projectiles and say() them.


ok. tanks for the response. i will need it for sure in another level.
In the End i actually dont need it. I did it like whoever said, and Tanked with my hearo the laser beam, while paladines were healing. all troops who survived the first stage kinda died in less than a few seconds in the second room.


As I spent way too much time doing this level, let me give a few hints for those who have not done it yet:

Stage 1 - catapults & co.

  • head directly for the catapults (they will take out their own team)
  • catapults can destroy themselves (sacrifice a soldier to each)

Stage 2 - beam towers

  • tank in the middle (shield with hero and heal him)
  • archers attack towers (make sure the beams are focused on the hero)

Stage 3 - warlocks

  • hack and slash (but not the door)

Stage 4 - chieftain

  • focus fire on the chieftain immediately

Summit's gate python Help
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I need help on summit gates.


“I need help!” or “This code doesn’t work!” are not helpful to us at all. Give us further explanation. Post your code, maybe a screenshot, and generally go into more detail than you have currently.


I need help on the first stage. The catapults can kill me in 2 shots. I have 900 health. I do 200 + damage. Any advise for this level.

Help on Summit's Gate

In general, I’d suggest using flags to run away from the shells as they are launched. Your hero, whatever they may be, should be fast enough to do so. You have ~3 seconds to attack the catapult between each shot. This gives you the opportunity to land 600 damage.



With a very simple strategy (see hints here), you can get through the first stage with almost 0 damage to the hero, and losing only a few friends.

see screenshot


I got to the chieftain with 1 paladin, but the chieftain killed us. I think I should buy armor. I will buy armor. Thanks for the help.


You probably need a better armor (see tips here), but you may need to work on your code, as you can easily make all paladins (2+2) survive the previous stages. And having 4 paladins behind your back makes you almost invincible :wink:


Okay I will do that.


I kind of forgot the strategy against the beam towers. I cannot let them zap me once. Any help? Any help would be appreciated.


I need help please with summit gate


this is my code

enemy = self.findNearest(self.findEnemies())
i = 0
friends = self.findFriends()
while (i - friends.length):
friend = friends[i]
self.command(friend, “attack”,enemy)


It says it a slow or infinite loop. Any help would be appreciated


do you want to hear my code? Mine was like, 100 lines and it only works 1 in 25 times.


can you please tell me your code Trevor_Guo


Do you have a wizard


[Code redacted. We never post correct code.]


i couldn’t understand your edits did you even do the edits if not please do in a seperate post