Please help with Summit's Gate!

I have been working on solving Summit’s Gate for weeks, and I keep on getting stuck on the beam tower area. Could someone please give me a code to use with Omarn Brewstone to defeat this level. I appreciate any help.

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Sorry, but posting correct code for a level is not allowed. It would just make things too easy and pointless. (I actually haven’t solved it myself yet.)

If your hero has enough health and DPS, you can tank a tower at a time with just a single paladin healing your hero.

My strategy was:

  • Hero attacks top tower. The hero must be positioned close enough to the top of the map in such a way that it is out of the bottom tower’s attack range.
  • Move the paladin to the same Y coordinate as the hero, make sure the paladin is out of the beam line of the top tower and out of the bottom tower’s attack range.
  • Hero constantly attacks top tower and tanks the beam, the paladin only heals the hero.

Once the top tower is down, use the same strategy for the bottom tower. As the top tower is now dead, you won’t have to care about its attack range while you kill the bottom tower.

This is the simplest strategy that I could come up with, and of course, if some of your troops manage to survive the catapults, you can use them to add more DPS (place them close to the hero, in a way that they stay out of the bottom tower’s range and out of the top tower’s beam line which will be targetting the hero).


I’m having difficulty even getting past the Outer Gate. Tharin stops attacking it after a bit, and I can’t see its health by clicking it. Does the gate not count as a regular unit like a door?

I recall having some odd issues with gates as well. In the end, I managed to destroy the gates by repeatedly finding and attacking them inside a loop, e.g.:

  enemy = self.findNearest(self.findEnemies())
  if (enemy): self.attack(enemy)

I don’t recall what exactly was the issue, perhaps getting a reference to a gate and attacking it while > 0 was not working (the hero would stop attacking it, as you mentioned). I’m not sure why, maybe the gate instance gets replaced after its health lowers to a certain point (bug)?

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I created a code for Omarn Brewstone to complete the mission. When I pressed Submit, Omarn Brewstone got as far as the Inner Sanctum, where there were 2 warlocks, a witch, a cheiftan, and a swarm of ogres. That’s where he died.
I think he would have survived if I told him to drain the lives of the enemies, but if I did that he wouldn’t be able to kill the beam towers or the doors. Also, if he has infinity range glasses, I can’t make him follow the flags, because he already sees enemies.
Here is my code:

flag = self.findFlag()
enemy = self.findNearest(self.findEnemies())
if enemy:
if flag:

how come when i copy it all the tabs are gone?

Paste it into the text box, then highlight it and click the </> button. (That’s the easy way.)

If you want picking flags to have more priority than attacking enemies, you should test for if flag: before if enemy:

Looks like you’ve used a blockquote instead of a code block. Remove the blockquote, select the code and press Ctrl+K or click in the </> button.

i think it would be an interesting feature if I know the type of the fireballs (simply fireball?) so i can command my army to just move away of the impact area, while griffin riders kill the catapults…

That should be fire-ball or shell.

Do you have glasses that can find projectiles? Simply print out the types of all found projectiles and say() them.

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ok. tanks for the response. i will need it for sure in another level.
In the End i actually dont need it. I did it like whoever said, and Tanked with my hearo the laser beam, while paladines were healing. all troops who survived the first stage kinda died in less than a few seconds in the second room.

As I spent way too much time doing this level, let me give a few hints for those who have not done it yet:

Stage 1 - catapults & co.

  • head directly for the catapults (they will take out their own team)
  • catapults can destroy themselves (sacrifice a soldier to each)

Stage 2 - beam towers

  • tank in the middle (shield with hero and heal him)
  • archers attack towers (make sure the beams are focused on the hero)

Stage 3 - warlocks

  • hack and slash (but not the door)

Stage 4 - chieftain

  • focus fire on the chieftain immediately

I need help on summit gates.

“I need help!” or “This code doesn’t work!” are not helpful to us at all. Give us further explanation. Post your code, maybe a screenshot, and generally go into more detail than you have currently.

I need help on the first stage. The catapults can kill me in 2 shots. I have 900 health. I do 200 + damage. Any advise for this level.

In general, I’d suggest using flags to run away from the shells as they are launched. Your hero, whatever they may be, should be fast enough to do so. You have ~3 seconds to attack the catapult between each shot. This gives you the opportunity to land 600 damage.


With a very simple strategy (see hints here), you can get through the first stage with almost 0 damage to the hero, and losing only a few friends.

see screenshot


I got to the chieftain with 1 paladin, but the chieftain killed us. I think I should buy armor. I will buy armor. Thanks for the help.

You probably need a better armor (see tips here), but you may need to work on your code, as you can easily make all paladins (2+2) survive the previous stages. And having 4 paladins behind your back makes you almost invincible :wink:

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