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Help needed writing a summit's gate strategy analysis


Hi everyone,

I understand that there have been some threads on summit’s gate. But this is not a “i need help” or “just gimme code” discussion. It is just that I find it useful to use the level to discuss some important game control flow techniques. Please comment and your contribution is appreciated. I will discuss different stages in separate posts.


strategy: I have seen multiple ways to deal with this problem. But the key seems to make soldiers dash toward them and so they will kill each other.

What remains to be decided is:

A) how many soldiers should be enough? (I use two on top and two on bottom.)
Also what are the best ways to single out which soldiers? I simply use the the first four in the soldiers array.

B) when should they dash for the catapults?
(One way I find successful is to make everyone rush forward and at x:50 start to make soldiers go their separate ways.)

C) what should the others do? (I try to make everyone defend a point right in front of the outer gate)

D) how do we know the catapults are destroyed?
I have tried using: while catapult[0].health + catapult[1].health > 0
It does work but I wonder if there are other ways.

E) finally, what about the enemies? I find that if I make everyone dash forward most of the enemies will be killed by the catapults. But there are still some left.


strategy: stay in front of the door until everyone is fully recovered
Not much to say about this. But still looking for the most efficient code as this can be potentially useful later.

  1. breachAndClear
    strategy: break the door and immediately pulls back so as not to be affected by the tower. Deal with the enemies.
    A) how do you pull back and fight?

B) how do you know this stage has ended? (I again use len(enemies))


strategy: the hero goes way up to tackle the top tower and paladins stay outside range to heal. Then move to the bottom one.
I haven’t got any problem on this one. Works perfect.

inside the inner gate

strategy: regroup, position your troops, heal everyone.
Need a good strategy to fight the warlocks and skeletons

the inner sanctum (TBA)