Post your new levels here!


Collect 50 coins is the goal but for some odd reason it doesnt show


I have made a trilogy of levels: Welcome to Varcadia, War of Varcadia and Cavasca’s Defeat.
They are set in a quiet village in the mountains of Varcanadia called Varcadia.


Can you post the link to them so we can play it?


I don’t think they have been tested by Adventurers yet and I cant find them in Level Editor.


You don’t have to do that to be able to play. Search the level names in the level editor and you’ll find it. Also in order for any of us to play, press the publish button, so anyone can play it.


how did you do the w,a,d thing?


How do i make this generator spawn stuff @everyone


Here is a new level i made. Enjoy!


Instead of generator, use a referee to be able to spawn waves.


I dont know how to do that
Im not good with referees


Without doing anything, I got one minute and 9.9 seconds in before I died (darn!). I used Gordon the Stalwart.


What is that!


Goblin?(20 Goblins).


It’s a KR munchkin. I dunno what KR stands for


it says that it is a munchkin but vr


King rigged munchkin.


Hmmmmmm. Hmmmmmmmmm. Maybe.


Ask the CoCo team? Probably?


I think it stands for KRUSTY RIBS


KaRate munchkin…