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Post your new levels here!


KR Goblin regens too fast unbeatable with melee hero since kb gives it time to heal back to full health

Might be beatable with a archer tower + paladin + firetrap combo but i’m too lazy to write the code also will be hard to kill the other munchkins


I agree with @SuperSmacker, how are the non-subscribers among us (including me) supposed to beat the level?


This is the 4th to 5th time you have posted the same level; please stop.


I have remade it with more ogres and no artillery!


What if you deleted one of the heroes?


It returns an error as an unplayable level


So is the level actually unplayable?


123hi123, it’s not possible to win my hero gets murdered in 5 seconds


what do you mean?
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We have a new one!


Can you please put what the recommended gear is? I can’t beat this one, so is it either brute force or strategy?


From ducky
BTW I beat this it was SUPER easy!!
To Enderlord832


After you beat all levels in CoCo, what do you do if there aren’t any more adventurer levels?


You just sit around hoping for new levels :stuck_out_tongue: , like me


Heh! I can’t beat it either (I haven’t really tried though :stuck_out_tongue:). I recommend summoning a whole bunch of troops with a Boss Star and your strongest armor.


The level is impossible because there are no goals


Oh. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


I just fixed it.
(20 chars)


Oh, by the way, how do you pin a topic globally?


AHA! A hint to your level. Use the spiky ring.