[Adventurer] Trapped In Ice


I created a new level: Trapped In Ice

You spawn in a maze of ice, with 4 beam towers at the corners of the map. They continuously deal massive damage to you. See if you can survive for one minute!!

Below is the link to the level:

PM me your solution.


By the way, this is harder than you think… :slight_smile:


@SuperSmacker publish it


Okay, Published (20 char)


So how’s the level @Chaboi_3000


Can’t play rn cuz I’m on my iPhone X


@SuperSmacker beat it with ease. 0 damage taken


How? (20 characters)


finished with 6 damage. Give longer range to the first beam tower.


Oh wait. I just remembered. There’s this spot between the first beam tower and the 2nd that you could have used as a safe spot. lemme fix


Wow… The day I joined CodeCombat Discourse was Marijuana day :frowning:


:+1: good to know. 20



btw did anyone manage to beat the level? (very easy if you find the trick)


I did the new way(20)


wdym the new way?? what new way


Oh ya btw @Chaboi_3000, how come when I do your Sacrificial Protection level, when I beat it, it shows a victory screen, but for my level, it doesn’t?


Your edit to trapped in ice


Wait. Let me undo the changes. I realized that the victory screen only works if the player is not playing the dev version.


Changes restored. I still don’t get how people managed to finish with 0 or 6 damage taken.


can you add some hints?