Post your new levels here!


Probably beatable with archer tower + fire trap combo to beat warlocks. Spike Ring to kill those tiny pests.

Too lazy to write the code :stuck_out_tongue:


Only a mod can do that


Only mods(And admins of course) can pin a topic globally. But even if this topic is going to get pinned, it’s only going to be pinned in the adventurer category


uh IDK how to make a level. so basically if you run it, it’s VERY slow or not even playable. sorry. I don’t know how to make a level. If someone could just make a real level from this… the story is that you were wandering around some temples and pressed a button. It triggered HUGE amounts of ogres. But, you built a fortification to protect you and the pixie made most of the ogres inside a rock. she also messed up most of the big rocks…for some reason, ritic decided to chime in.


nice title :wink: :wink:


thx (2000 kr munchkins)


403: Forbidden?

Did you publish it




i click on link and i cant access level


There appears to be an extra ogre. I killed all of them but it still says that there is one more ogre


No, it’s because some ogres are going out of the map when you run the level


How do you fix that?


Obstacles. Change the length and width and it’ll work


Wait, what? Try to screenshot it. Also, can someone fix the level up? I don’t know how to make one.


OMG I FINALLY CREATED A LEVEL PLZ TELL ME IF IT WORKS BTW there is a hint: make sure that you select boss star and collect all items… :sweat_smile::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::rice_ball::rice_ball::rice_ball::rice_ball::rice_ball::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::crazy_face::rice_ball::bomb::rice_ball::rice_ball::rice_ball:


Did you publish it? Because it says dev=true. Change it to the normal link


But I don’t know how


Make a change and before you save it, check publish


But does it still work?


And yes, I did that before, but how do I get the link?