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Post your new levels here!


Is it working now? (20)


For some reason when I edit my equipment it won’t let me press play

Also edit for other level


I had already done both. Um do you have boss star V?


uh boss star v is not released yet fyi


I’m giving your level a shot, and the spacing of your maze walls seems to be not wide enough for a hero to move through, because I went

hero.moveXY(6, 38)
hero.moveXY(22, 37)

just to test out the first part of the level, and it told me that my hero couldn’t move from 6, 38 (the first junction) to 22, 37 (the far right wall along the horizontal path branching off that first junction). Afterward, I promptly died. I’m using Hattori.

When I go down the south path, the horizontal path works, but there’s no way to survive the beam. 1025 HP on my hero.

Also, the only thing to do in the level is to survive for 1 minute, so one can only stack lots of armor in order to survive. There are no potions to acquire in order to help mitigate the damage. Once the maze works, it might be helpful to add potions into the mix to make it more fair for the player.


Most of the levels that get posted here is for players who have pretty much beaten CodeCombat as a whole.

If I provided potions, then it would be a boring level requiring no thought at all for the advanced players.

Also, there are barriers blocking some paths hehe (some barriers are destroyable, if you know what I mean :wink: )


I tried making ritic overpowered in my level, and this happened.


oh? You have a yt channel i’ll sub.


I subbed
(20 characters)


@Chaboi_3000 do you know if the devs even make new levels anymore?

CodeCombat is dead, pardon me for speaking the truth (so is my Regular status and my Monster Pancake title)


I know @Catsync left coco, I’m sure Danny and Bryukh are thinking of making something big. You can still make your own levels.


Can we avoid being off topic here? Thanks


it may be impossible


Take out your anger on these ogres! (Ritic is recommended because of shadow vortex)


Didn’t need potions - just waiting the right moment to fight:


Escape, but don’t get caught by the ogre S.W.A.T. that is searching for you. The Ice Yaks have volunteered to fight, but if you hit or touch them, they will hit you. I hope people won’t excessively rage.

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the same day you posted that I got a cast…


Cold you pls make the time longer. My hero is always on the last beam tower before the time ends :frowning:


This is the level where Okar and his army finally meet someone “his own size”. Make sure to collect all coins. One bronze coin gives you 1 million gold, so you can summon 50,000 soldiers. Okar only.


that would make lag.
why is a piece of bronze worth 50,000 women (all my soldier’s are female.)?