Post your new levels here!


no goals this is unbeatable (yay birthday today :smiley: )


What do you mean officially beatable? Just add a goal, make sure it’s not hidden and save :wink:




Do you mind making harder and more interesting???


Yeah but I FINALLY LEARNED HOW TO MAKE GOALS!!! (even though they’re not too hard)


LOL :stuck_out_tongue: (20000000000) (Yes this is a complete sentance(it keeps on nagging me “Is this a complete sentance?”)


Haha yeah that also happens to me.


I have no idea how to make a real race (I tried with goal triggers but couldn’t understand how they work.), so I experimented with fire-traps. (AKA mines). I also learned that the ground can attack!


FYI, it doesn’t work


No, you can actually do it, if you use some referee code. Then you can move any thang and make a real race out of it.


I know, endy. :expressionless:


What is referee code? Or do I “have much to learn, little padawan.”


Referee is that little well in the misc section. It helps with doing advanced thang movement, etc


Ooooooooooooooooooh I just thought that the well’s name was “referee”


AND, again, I don’t know how to use this. Should we put this in another topic?


Try to command your troops while fighting your own battle!

Get out of that complicated position before it EXPLODES!!


ducky have you made sure that the invisible commander level is beatable?

The warlock and thoktar is too op

Also no goals in the levels


It is beatable. Thoktar was deleted by me, because he was to op. And I still beat the level with Thoktar. I just deleted some decoys, too.


I meant if you can beat it using any hero.

ofc u can beat it if u have swap spell :roll_eyes:

Also no goals so I mean u can’t beat the level, literally


Um I don’t know if there is any bug or something with the goals but do you start out with automatic goals?