Post your new levels here!


Can you send the level editing link?


In my guide (20 I dunnot want to say it)


Very hard to make levels. :expressionless:
It will take me days.


It only took me about a day and a half, then another couple of days to figure out how to publish it.


Could I play your level?


Sure, if it loads and works


Could you paste it in here?


Yeah. Here:

Tell me how you like it.




Finally!:smile: :smile:


There is no error but there is this



Just reset the level. If that doesn’t work, comment out your code.


Doesn’t work :sob::sob::sob::sob:


Can’t figure out what went wrong. @Chaboi_3000, Please help.


@Chaboi_3000 Is the master at making levels.


I know. I followed his instructions for making the level.


Yo, did you put extra heroes in the game? That’ll cause the game to go bamboozles so try deleting them. :wink:


There aren’t any extra heroes. I think it’s a bug that won’t let you load the level because you deleted something and code combat says “cannot delete object null” or something


Thanks guys, I’ll check as soon as I can.


They are, if there is more than 2 heroes in the level editor, codecombat won’t know which one is the real one.