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Post your new levels here!


You changed your profile pic to fortnite lol :smiley:


EW Fortnite

I liked your previous profile pic better


I have no idea who Fortnite is but he looks pretty cool.


Is there a fast way of deleting walls? Because whenever you generate a terrain, there is always lots of unwanted walls that need to be removed :frowning:


Also @Chaboi_3000, how did you manage to spawn griffin riders without using a referee or a generator in your (old) level, The Revenge of the Dragon Master?


Just make one thang shoot another thang of ur choice.


The only reason this game is good is that it’s free


Ah I see :smiley: thanks (I hate 20 chars)


What’s fortnite? A bunch of people are talking about it and I have no idea what it is.


Tried that. Not working. Is thang spawning broken? (because generators don’t work either)


Ummm, the best free multiplayer game. For now


Give ur thang the ability too shoot and add the thang of ur choice in the shoot bar, warning, this will cause the thang to not be able to do direct damage on the opponent.


Very hard to make levels as I said before.


Hahaha. Fortknight is a game @MunkeyShynes. It’s a third person shooting game and It’s really popular. Chaboi_300 had a pic of it in his background


Im a person who spent like $80 in that game.


@Chaboi_3000 didn’t you say you like fortnite only because it’s free? then why are you spending money on it…


Im the person who spent like $0 in that game XD.


Hmm. who. knows. By the end of the season, I’ll turn into an omega noob.

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I’m the person who spent 0$, 0 minutes, and no care at all on that game.

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I made this level it would be cool if you guys played it