Post your new levels here!


I’m very sorry. I can’t seem to figure out what is wrong. :frowning_face:


@Enderlord832 could you please try to avoid posting the same thing over and over again? Thanks.


Its ok man. It happens. GG though


you might want to give the character attack range, and missiles.


How do i do that???


first, stop spamming likes.


ok sure (20 characters)


Any new levels guys? @everyone


Plz don’t mention people using @.everyone for an unimportant post. And also levels will come soon if you be patient. :slight_smile: Most of us are busy enjoying our summer break


And one of them is waiting for something eventful to happen.


here is one i have @everyone


@Seojin_Roy_Lee you still didn’t tell me how to do that


Simple, go to thangs and choose the thang and change the stats.


I mean in Game grove and that type of levels. Just the animations for it @Chaboi_3000


You can change range but not missiles


I thought you seredoing the level editor. sorry. In order to change the player’s attack range, place the line:

player.attackRange = "the number you want here without the quotation marks"


I know i just need the animation for the heroes shooting.


There are no missiles for the heroes that is the problem


Got a nice level here. Instead of being the hero you are the villian try to win


beat it, but it was more than 3 minutes.