Post your new levels here!


I know it is supposed to be hard. The villan one


Game of coins is here!


change the name. (20)


What do you mean? (20)


the isn’t saying “game of coins.”



Try this one!


are you sure you published it? It shows error loading from server here.


Just published it now


Try again (20 discourse limit)


I need help this is my code. The thrower i spawned does not attack me
This is in game dev3

t = game.spawnXY("thrower", 45, 12) = "ogres"
t.scale = 3
t.maxHealth = 5000
t.attackDamage = 15


and any time i put this

t.spawnAI = "AttacksNearest"

It gives me an error


I really need help. this is weird


spawnAI does not contain the behavior of the enemy. the correct code for that would contain behavior instead of spawnAI. or, it would be t.behavior = "AttacksNearest"


Oh ok i will try that


beat your level with ease.


Thank you @Seojin_Roy_Lee it works now!
as a reward i will give you the runner game


Um it says created by Galaxy0wl4


I know i changed my username


why is tharin glitched?