Post your new levels here!


try this level @everyone


beat it with ease. (20)


try this again it should work now @everyone


ha, Enderlord, I got 238 on it. Proof:


updated version of my level:
its hard, if you don’t know the secret.


its easy still. Really easy beat it with ease


Death Trap of Doom was easy :stuck_out_tongue: Even easier if I had the Goliath Guy.


I have now 2 accounts :stuck_out_tongue:


are you talking about my level? btw, I’m changing Ritic tto Goliath, but it will be harder.


in python game design, how do I make an enemy “AttacksNearest” and “FearsTheLight” at the same time?
I’ve tried

var.behavior = "AttacksNearest" and "FearsTheLight"

but they don’t work.


that is not possible.


You could set a if statement saying if the skeleton is near the light, then its behavior will be Fear the Light. Else, it will be attackNearest.


Im not talking about the skeletons, I’m talking about ogres/munchkins.


Darn it. Argghhh…


nevermind, I quit the lightstone and fears the light


try it out now. its harder.


@I_can_rob_you I assumed it was a skeleton because usually only skeletons fear the light.

You could do the same with any thang, actually.


Ok @everyone try this level now i changed it


Ok also this one (click on the arrow button that i am replying to and the link should be there)


Hey everyone, I’m back and still alive :smile:
I think I finally fixed my level, here it is!