Post your new levels here!


Command the Catapult using attack Pos, and using the knockback from the missiles the catapult chucks, push the warlock toward his doom :slight_smile: Only fire traps can kill him, since he has 1 million health and super fast regeneration.


It is too hard, I think it is impossible. At least make it easier, can you?


Did you get close to the fire-traps part?

By the way I beat the level easily.


how? by the way @shadow-assassinator is my brother.


But the shadow assasinstor guy in c-decombat is you right?


yes. (what? not 20?)


wdym how?

You just use the catapult to push the warlock to the fire-trap. it’s that simple.


@everyone try to survive this level. Muahahahaha! Ony death itself can survive this trap


Did you publish the level -_-


yea (20000000000000)


should i use this

or this
or this as my profile pic


you already chose it yourself.


thus publish the level.


But which one do you guys choose. I might change it if one gets more votes


I did publish it (2000)


it works fine with me


It obviously does. The person who creates it gets to do the level to see if the level is going well.

Also, the first one is better.


the ghost one? Ye and i made sure i published it



there is a (not so hidden) hidden secret. Muahahaha!

The thing

Muahahaha! You’ll have to figure it out on your own. (Well, it’s somewhere on the map. That’s your clue/cue. Haha get it?)


I have to click a bunch of times to move to one place.