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Presentation slides and curricular materials for code combat


We use Code Combat in our classroom as well as our enrichment classes. If you are interested, we have presentation slides, videos and evaluation checklists that we are happy to share. The curricular materials are free and we only ask that you give us credit when using the information. I will make them available on google drive. Let me know if you interested. I think you find them helpful in using Code Combat to teach programming to students.


I am interested :smile:


I am interested too.


Excellent…Do you use google drive? We plan to date our website so folks can straight there to download content, but I wanted to start getting the materials out to see what other teachers think of it.



Sorry for the late reply. I’m under a pressure these days at work. I use google drive all the time. I would enjoy giving you a feed back on your material. In case you prefer the download not to be public, I PM you my email adress so you can give me a private link. Have a good day.


I would be interested as well. I help with a small after school program, so we have very limited time and resources, but we plan on moving to a more curriculum based approach to code combat and would love to see what has been working for you.


Click on the link below curricular materials for Code Combat. This is an the alpha stage. Please be patient as we are teachers finishing up the school year. I have several more presentations already done but I would you to look at this initial materials first We need your feedback so let us know what you think. Code Combat Curricular Materials.


Thank you for allowing us to see your work on these curricular materials. They work well to both add value to the code combat levels and help to translate skills from code combat to more general application.

Before anything else I should note that I have little to no programming experience and have gone threw code combat in python not Java Script.

The introduction starts of nicely with some basics on Java Script. It skips over any introduction of programming or what a script language is so I am assuming your students are moving to code combat after some pre-exposure to programming. The “review” of functions and slides with the python code blocks (Scratch?), and the Loops page again make me think the same.

I like the discussion of methods, but page 6 and 7 should probably be switched for a bit better flow.

Page 12 on ‘self’ was incredibly helpful for looking at code not on code combat. however I wonder should the fact that this is a preset unchangeable variable assignments be implicitly stated as opposed to page 31’s assigned variable assignments. Are preset unchangeable variable assignments common or in most situations would you have to set up a ‘self’?

The level walkthrews are excellent. A bit heavily guided, but it’s the first campaign and if your working with subscribers it leaves the bonus levels to work out more independently.

I didn’t understand Data Types without googling it. Even strings which have examples on the next page. I wasn’t sure if strings refereed to the quotation marks or the parentheses we where asked to note on page 11.

Loops where well defined. Might be a python thing, but is there a need to differentiate between loops for repeating patterns and while-loops for breaks on false conditions and number of times?

I think the use of pictures and finding patterns for loops is great.

Is page 32’s title a typo?

In level eleven: Master of Names I really like to take the opportunity to use another assignment for the 3 variable besides enemy 3. Its lets them know its not preset and they can call their variables anything. ( no insults ! i remember someone wanted to use stupidbilly, while billy was sitting next to him,)

The Final Kithmaze seems a bit lacking. It doesn’t break down the object.method(“string[what you want to build]”, Where you want to build in X, Y format). This is the first time they see X, Y, so I would think it deserves a little love. This is one that you might want to hold off on at least the answer to the third fence.

And beyond! Great way to end ! leaves you looking forward to all new coding adventures.

Like I said before, I don’t have much programming knowledge. I’m just the parent that hung around instead of dropping his kids off, but I really think you’ve put together a great curriculum and appreciate you sharing it with us.


Those materials are looking quite brilliant indeed. The only bit I’m not quite sure about is the assessment sheet where you offer Yes/No/2Pts.

I’m not entirely certain what the 2 points part is in relating to. With a wee bit of clarification on that I’d consider using this with one of my 13-14 year old classes, possibly with my 11-12 year olds once the new academic year starts.

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Thank you for all work to improve our lesson. We will update our presentation with may of your suggestions.


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I am very interested and may use this to start a summer programming club. And provide feedback.

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We have received some great positive feedback and incorporated the suggestions into our 4 Python lessons. We took down our JavaScript lesson and will repost it in the near future. We believe these materials will help you in the classroom. We continue make improvements so we need your feedback. Thanks!

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Click here for the latest Code Combat Curricular Materials.


We incorporated many of your suggestions in new the materials python materials. I hope you like them and thanks for contributions.



I am very interested.

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Yes please could you share them with me on Many thanks

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Thanks for sharing these, I will definitely be checking them out. One quick thing, your page talks about “Blackwoods Forest” levels, but it is actually “Backwoods Forest”.

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I am working with a small group of 12 as an enrichment camp and would like to have access to your presentation slides and curricular materials. I have the children learning Scratch but want to move the order students into Python and this is a perfect next step.


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Click on Code CombatPresentation Slides

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