Problems playing this game at home versus work

Hey Gang,
Having another issue: I have no problems playing this at work, but can’t get it to work at home on Chrome (Irony abounds, I know). I have included a JavaScript error I found, but I don’t know why I get this only at home…Ideas?

Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CACHE_MISS
9main.js?ver=2014. Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a functionmain.js?ver=2014. similarproducts.Retargeting.utils.serverMessagesRouterjquery.min.js:3 f.event.dispatchjquery.min.js:3 h.handle.i

P.S. I have no problems on FireFox (except game/GUI boundary cropping), but similar issues on IE

Have you tried clearing cache and cookies?

That message about similarproducts.Retargeting makes me think you have some sort of malware or spyware which is interfering with things, possibly related to ad retargeting. I’d try to get that cleared up, possibly by playing in Firefox, or maybe trying Incognito mode in Chrome or disabling spammy Chrome extensions.

Okay, finally home,

 Glad the Christmas Break is here. Happy holidays to everyone, btw! Nick you were correct, I found a "Yummy Arcade" extension that had at some point been downloaded. I disabled the little %*@#*! and it appears that Code Combat is up and running. Tjchan, I also cleared cache and cookies. It can't hurt, right? haha. Thanks guys.

Yay! Learned something new - check for extensions. Thanks for the update, RomanRiot.