Python is not python enough

Python support is very raw, even my attempts at making simple queue as
a = []
a += [12]
a += [34]
are interpreted as if it was a string “1234”, which makes it nearly impossible to implement anything at all.
“in” keyword declared as implemented at github, but doesn’t work in conditionals.
Things like slicing or some more complicated things are understandably not supported as well.

I am trying to not be annoying and understanding the lack of focus for secondary languages, but maybe there are some better open source python translator which can be easily intergrated into current codebase? I wish I could spend more time on that, but I am at the end of my university semester at this moment and have only few hours to spare for programming.

edit: you may as well take a look at my code and variable self.log – map does not overwrite values? It’s very strange behaviour.

The Python parser Filbert used in the transpiler is very new, and could use any help to implement some of the missing features you’d like to use–or at least good issues filed for bugs you encounter, like this. There’s not something better suited to the purpose out there, which is why differentmatt had to start from scratch just for CodeCombat. He and another CodeCombat archmage have been heroically hacking on it.

I’m personally focused on the machinery in the rest of the transpiler to support all the new languages we’re getting.

Thank you for answer,
I was going to file some issues at github but noticed that inside interactive mode it works much better than inside greed, so I guess python will become quite usable after the next merge with codecombat repository, which is great(or there are some integration problems, which is not, but judging by recent commits updating codecombat with python was a long time ago and it become better since than)

I’ve just uploaded the latest Aether, which includes the latest Python, Clojure, Lua, and Io parsers. A lot of progress has been made on the Python side, though there is yet much to be done.

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Thanks for the feedback @coldhands

I’ve filed an issue to track Python sequence operations here:

Were you having a problem with map() as well?

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