Python not working as Python

Things different in CodeCombat’s version of Python:

  1. you have to use Math and not math
  2. the copysign method and some others don’t exist
  3. you can use a lot of array methods/properties (probably object methods/properties as well) that only exist in JavaScript without getting an error (such as array.filter() and array.length)
  4. when accessing a normal object’s property, you don’t have to use ["propertyName"] you can just use .propertyName which shouldn’t be possible unless it’s a class object
  5. You can’t use string * number to repeat a string number times

I’m sure there is more, but I just don’t remember them off the top of my head
And I’m also quite sure there are similar problems for other languages in CodeCombat such as Java or C++ where you can use JavaScript syntax

Could you please try and fix these? If people learn Python from CodeCombat and then try to use actual Python to program something, they might not be able to because of how many things are different @nick @Bryukh