Python Library Tactician


This level lags a lot and freezes after ~30 seconds displaying the infinite loop message. I will post only the parts of code I was supposed to write myself. I won’t post all the other code as I haven’t changed it.

Is there anything wrong with my code? (let’s suppose everything is indented properly)

# Figure out which enemy has the most health, and set bestTarget to be that enemy.
    for enemy in enemies:
        if > mostHealth:
            mostHealth =
            bestTarget = enemy

# Create a variable containing your archers.
    archers = hero.findByType("archer")

    # use commandArcher() to command your archers
    for i in range(len(archers)):
        archer = archers[i]

@Serenity13 try submitting again and see what happens. It actually submits on my end, but I do experience a lot of delay as well.

I’ve submitted like 20+ times and got the infinite loop message on Opera, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome. The only one that worked for me was Firefox, but I had to literally wait for 50 minutes to finish the level.

I wonder what are the minimum requirements you need to play CodeCombat normally.

Anyway, thx for help)

There seems to be something odd with this level at the moment. Even when I am working with the default code odd things were happening just now.

If your other levels are ok, I wouldn’t worry about it.

@Serg @nick is there something going on with Library Tactician?

Actually I think I just figured out why. There is just too much going on in the loops. And this is causing delays in the code and sporadic results.