Question about editing components on localhost

Hello! I’m a student who wants to participate in your project at GSoC 2014. The idea of such a game amazed me. Tried several levels - playing is fun, though there are not many campaigns. Setting up the dev environment was easy too.
To get a grasp of the code, I decided to work on issue #46. First thing I decided to do is to slow down arrows, which lead me to editing (as stated in the issue) movement.Moves maxSpeed.

So I opened thang editor, found ‘Arrow’ there, opened its components and changed maxSpeed in corresponding component to some value (say, ‘0.01’). But when I start ‘Zone of danger’ it doesn’t feel any slower than was! Restarting server doesn’t change this, although I can still see ‘0.01’ there.
What am I doing wrong? What am I doing right?

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You wouldn’t change the default maxSpeed in the Arrow Component to see it in the existing level; those are just the defaults. You’d edit the Arrow Thang in the Zone of Danger level to adjust its max speed.