Creating a new Component

I’m working on creating the new component combat.Cleaves. I basically duplicated everything in combat.Stomps with some minor changes for testing. Now it seems to have reset to the start component. I’m not sure what happened. Any chance you can retrieve what was lost? I also had problems adding dependencies, I tried “Acts” and “action.Acts” both of them got a red box and turned to “Unknown”. Is there a problem in the component creator with adding dependencies?

On that note, have you figured out what exactly was the problem when you had to remove properties and add them again in a specific order? I mean the properties like ai.ChasesAndAttacks from the ogre brawler. This seemed like a bug, because the behaviour depended on some state that was not visible to the artisan.

No, though Nick told me to just remove ai.ChasesAndAttacks and instead set the property in ai.Attacks that says to chase if out of range. Haven’t had issues since.

I fixed the bug with adding dependencies; will deploy soon. Did you save a new version of combat.Cleaves and then it was reset, or was this a local storage malfunction? Was it published? Was this saving version 0.1, or were there some successful saves before? Which level was it in? A few more details will help.