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Question about Logical Circle stage

Hi Codecombat community

I have completed the Logical Circle Stage, but im not sure if I have done it correct as if I continue to run the code over and over again I sometimes fail the stage. I had some problems understanding what left and right meant in coords compared to higher and lower

Im still very new to programming, so I could imagine I had made errors

Here is my code:

Thank you

Lines 8-18: Why are you doing this process twice? You only need to do this once.
Lines 21-25: If ANY of the values are true… To check if any value in a set of values is true, use or instead of and.
Lines 27-End: Where is that code block? (Tip: If all five values are true, that means that secretA, secretB, etc…secretE are all true. You can take it from there.)

Thank you for your reply, I can see that i totally misunderstood how this stage was supposed to be done. The objectives about the values got me confused somehow.