Cpp - Logical-circle spelling error?

Hello cool peeps!

In this mission you are meant to use 4 variables to answer a wizards riddles. (Green circle)
The comment over the last section instructs that one should use all five variable. (Red circle)

I succeded with using the four i found in the code.

Can someone tell me if this is meant to be written as is? Maybe i am not reading it right or it might be a typo?


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You can go onto the level editor:

And double click on the hero and go to programmable section and find the source code for all the different languages, then you make a change and press the submit patch button in the top right corner.
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I had no idea. So cool…!

Thank you :).

But wait… Can anyone do that?

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Yes, but it doesn’t get put into effect in the real level until someone (an admin) confirms it.


I did it, i think!

I am a kluts though! I hit enter to early when i was commenting on my changes… xD LE SIGH!!

Super cool to be able to look under the hood. Thanks so much DeadPool! :smiley:

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There are 5 variables:
a; b; c;
d = a && b && c;
f = a || b || c;
and the last check is designed to be ( a && b && c && d && f)
if (a && b && c ) is true ( a || b || c) is also true:
so the last check can be only ( a && b && c )
I think the text and the default solution are a little bit misleading but not wrong…
Congratulations for being for a while under the hood!
(replace auto with var - how do you think - will be there an error? -:wink:

Hello xython :).

Ah! I thought there might be meaning in the madness!

Thank you for replying.

A good thing it is that not any madman can go change the source files xD…

I think you are right in your thoughts about misleading comments. And maybe that is how it is supposed to be :).

var is an Interesting type definition. It is not anything i have been taught about yet. Cool! :slight_smile: It is always nice to learn about new stuff… Im gonna look it up now.

Thank you! It was overwhelming and very confusing. But super cool! :smiley: I did not find the CPP files. Are they not accessible?